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26th annual Goodwood Festival of Speed

The big 25th anniversary of one of the best festivals of speed is behind us, which means that the team behind it is shifting their focus on the next one. The team is still the same, and they want to bring this FOS to a new level after 25 years of its existence. This is where the new direction changes several different aspects of this show. Goodwood Festival of Speed was always a great event for people that love all types of cars, and this aspect of the event won’t change. The changes to this event are not what you expect which is why you should stick around and continue reading this, and other articles on this site.

The changes to the Goodwood Festival of Speed

The car lineup of the Goodwood FOS isn’t going anywhere. You will still be able to enjoy everything from modern hypercars to classic and vintages vehicles. And on top of that, you can expect new additions to all classes of vehicles you hope to see during this event. Anything regarding cars you saw in the past won’t change, and the FOS will offer full support for every car that needs to arrive at the show. Changes might affect vehicles, but they won’t pull some of them out of the event.Contrary to the belief of many, these changes will introduce some thrilling and exciting shows to the FOS-goers. The biggest and the most significant changes come to the layout of the whole festival. Some venues will change their locations to allow others to take their place due to the need for space. Stars from all types of motorsports, from drifting to motorcycle stunts will show off their skills to everyone and be there to sign autographs.

What else is there to see at the Goodwood Festival of Speed?

First Glance is also getting a new venue. You will be able to find it at the center of the whole festival. It will be next to the Future Lab of the Festival of Speed. This will focus on the futuristic aspects of motorsports in one place. You should visit this location if you want to see what the future of this industry is all about.

GAS aka Goodwood Action Sports zone is also receiving some changes to make it more interesting for anyone that will come and see it. Everything you love about GAS is still there, including trial riders and BMW stunt bikers. The additions to this zone focus on the e-gaming and its connection to the car and motorcycle industry. The relationship between these two is getting stronger every year, and the team behind the Goodwood Festival of Speed realizes that. They are doing everything it takes to bring fans of both sides together because of the passion for cars and motorcycles transcend all boundaries.


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