Best moments of Europe League final games

Europe League has been around for more than half a century in various forms and under different names. It changed names on an irregular basis, the last one being the said Europe League. It’s the second biggest football club competition in the world, even though it only includes clubs from European countries. If you are to visit some of the greatest finals of this competition, then you will have to look into the past that goes back more than ten or so years. You can still find exciting games in the near history, but the best is found fifty or so years ago when football was much different than it is today.

The miracle of Istanbul

2005 was a year that saw Liverpool and AC Milan clash in the finals of the Europe League. This is the last final of this competition that had an exciting turn of events and thus is known as The Miracle of Istanbul (the city where the match happened). AC Milan was favorites in this final game, and they proved that by scoring three times in the first half. Everyone thought that this would turn out to be one big embarrassment for Liverpool as their game was non-existent.

However, the second half of this game saw the improvement of Liverpool’s game which resulted in a flurry of goals. They scored three times in six minutes which equalized the score and pushed the game into overtime. The extra time of this game was full of attempts to win the game outright. This all could have ended in the extra time, but Dudek performed a miracle save that pushed the game to a penalty shootout.  

The penalty shootout was intense, and players from both sides were under a lot of stress. Few scored and few missed, and it was 3-2 for Liverpool when Shevchenko grabbed the ball and put it on the white circle. This was a moment that all fans of the football remembered in one way or another as Liverpool’s goalkeeper Dudek saved his team. It meant that Liverpool won the title for the fifth time and exceeded all expectations.

Great Europa League final moments from the past

Barcelona1994 was another year that proved to be bad for favorites as AC Milan met Barcelona in a final where everyone expected Barcelona to take an easy victory. Barcelona played an offensive style of football while AC Milan preferred an old form of football that was based on defense and counter-attacks. The underdog chose to defend, and that worked in both halves of the game, and they scored four times.

Some games are great from the first minute to the last, while others shine in small portions. One of the games that took more than 80 minutes to shine was the 1999 final Between Manchester United and Bayern Munich. Bayern was dominant for the whole game after they got the early lead. Manchester couldn’t do anything until last five minutes when they scored twice and to turn the entire football world on fire.

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